President’s Report to Sydney Group AGM 2017


I would like to welcome all members, guests and visitors to ANOS Sydney Group’s 2017 AGM.


I would like to start by thanking the outgoing committee and each and every one of you who has supported me and worked tirelessly for our society. I understand several members will not be rejoining the committee so please join me in thanking the outgoing committee for their contributions.


Our Spring and Sarcanthinae shows were a great success this year with a number of plants awarded. We also held a display at the Castle Hill Show Ground.


Due to the dry winter we have had poor flowering of our bushland orchids which restricted our opportunities for doing any walks but this may change if we get some decent rain.

 This year we have grown our membership base and brought some familiar faces back into the society. I would like to again welcome all the new members and of course the returning members.


I would like to thank our secretary Shoo Peng Siah, she has been amazing during the past 12 months. Shoo has guided the club through all our events. We will miss you.


I would like to thank our vice-president John Klepetko. John has arranged all of our guest speakers and ensured the smooth running of our society.


I would like to thank our treasurer Joe Portelli who has taken this role and made it his own. Joe also acts as our membership officer!

I would like to thank our show secretary Sau-wan Chan and Show Marshalls Peter Dowling and Ron Formby along with all their assistants; you have done a wonderful job. A big thank you as well to Graeme Russell for getting Kellyville Village management to host our Sarcanthinae show this year.


I would also like to thank our editor / publicity officer Charlie Moraza. I would like to congratulate him on a wonderful newsletter over the past year.


This year we also appointed a conservation officer in Jan Mohandas. Jan's input has been amazing and we hope to be able to continue with this role.


Committee members Barry Moore, Chris Nidigal, Graeme Russell and Laurie Treanor should be thanked for their efforts this year at our monthly meetings, input at our committee meetings and of course their work at our shows.


I would also thank those who ensure the smooth running of our monthly meetings. members like Greg Steenbeeke and John Klepetko who takes our photos, Bernadette Williams and her assistants who sell raffle tickets, Joe Porteli  and Charlie Moraza who look after supper. Without all your hard work the society would not be in the good position it is in.


On behalf of the members I would like to thank all members of the outgoing committee and those who have supported the committee over the last year.  Without everyone working together the society would not be in the position it is now in.


Andrew Locke


AGM - 21 October 2016 - Minutes of the ANOS Sydney Group Annual General Meeting

President’s Report to

Sydney Group AGM 2016