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Cultural Notes and Other Useful Information

Repotting Native Cymbidium canaliculatum - Steve Dunstan

Growing Native Orchids in Pots - David Butler

Bending with the Winds of Change - David Butler

Mounting Orchids on Sandstone - George Oehm

The Secret to Fluffing Up Sphagnum Moss - Jim Brydie

Frost and Cold Damage on Orchids - Wayne Turville

Orchid Mix and Orchid Mix Fines 

- Wayne Turville

Australian Orchid Nursery

Speciosum on Steroids

- Graeme Russell

Inexpensive Evaporative

Cooling System - J. Portelli

Australian Native Sarcochilus 

Breeding Trends 

- David  Butler June 2016

A Discussion on Media for Epiphytic Orchids (updated version 2017) - Jim Brydie

A Bit About Sarcochilus falcatus

- Gerry Walsh 'The Rock Lily Man'

Maintaining Your Collection

- Bill Dobson (2017 update)

Australian Terrestrial Orchids

A Beginner's Guide - Jorn Villien

The Genus Sarcochilus

Presentation by David Banks at the ANOS Sydney meeting March 2017

My New Orchid Bush House

Mark Daniels

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